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  1. This portion of the OSRS Thieving Guide is for players

    Additionally, if you do not have the required quests for OSRS GP the helms, do them. If you're planning to engage in any kind of killing at all, go through your Smoking Kills quest as soon as you are able. Don't be afraid of trying out various methods and find the results you get.

    The entire setup should cost you roughly 2-2.5M which is a superb general setup for slaying. Remember to also use some of that cash to buy super sets (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you should ...
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  2. In 2K22 there are fewer defenders

    Nba 2k22 Mt is, at its launch, a slower experience that NBA 2K21 because of the method the game uses to deal with endurance loss. If you've played the game last year it's likely that you're used to throwing dribbles on the top of the key to be able to go to shoot a three. If you tried to rim run with quick, athletic players you're accustomed to getting off the break, and knifing into defenses.

    Within NBA 2K22, if you hold down the sprint button or make a lot of dribble moves, you stamina ...
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  3. Platy vergesellschaften

    wollte mal fragen, mit welchen fischen/garnelen ich meine 6 platys und 5 otos vergesselschaften (in einem110 Liter Becken) kann. Ich würde gerne dornaugen, Garnelen und noch einen Schwarm neons halten. Würde das funktionieren?

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  4. NBA 2K22 for the foreseeable future

    The only other player who could be close to it is Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers. In his role as the reigning NBA champ, Giannis Antetokounmpo deserved every portion of his 96 overall. His dominance is expected to be maintained in NBA 2K22 MT for the foreseeable future.

    The badges are an integral component of any MyPlayer build for NBA 2K22. These badges can be the difference between a bad build that struggles in online or offline play and a well-built built that can perform ...
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  5. Madden 22 also introduced an extended scenario engine

    We don't wish to talk about rumors and Mut 22 coins speculation. However, we're determined to continue to enhance Franchise as a aspect of our Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond. This includes two coming Franchise update that will be available during Madden NFL 22. We'll be providing more information about the updates during the new year.

    The announcement follows an article by Sports Gamers Online that EA had opted to cancel additional games with franchise-based modes in Madden 22. ...
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