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Madden Overdrive Hands-on Preview

One of the greater pleasant surprises from my time in the EA Sports Summer Showcase at EA Redwood Shores the 2009 week was Madden Mobile Coins game. You see, I’ve never played Madden on mobile and frankly, I’ve never had the will to give it a spin. In fact, I am not a mobile gamer in any way. Fallout Shelter and Plants vs. Zombies are one mobile games I’ve played in recent memory. They just aren’t my thing. So when I had the opportunity to sit down with Madden NFL Overdrive, that is essentially an immense update towards the existing Madden mobile game, I was about as excited to be a kid set for a teeth cleaning. Yet immediately after minutes into my first Overdrive match, I was completely hooked.

Everything about Overdrive felt and looked great. Granted, for anyone who is expecting Madden NFL 18 quality graphics you’ll be sadly disappointed. It is all things considered a mobile game. The menus; however, look clean and Buy Madden Mobile Coins crisp as you move the gameplay itself runs as smooth as might be expected. It is usually a fresh accept that old traditional Madden game having its own unique scoring and points structure. Not to mention those 3-minute games are intense as hell