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How Microsoft Is Changing the NFL

The coming Buy Madden Overdrive Coins season brings an obvious change about the technology front. The NFL has formed a partnership with Microsoft which will put specially built versions with the Surface Pro 2 on each sideline and within the coaching boxes. This will not be just product placement, though. Rather, this can be an effort to modernize an element of the sport that, until in 20, used fax machines and telegraph wires to distribute info.

Any changes is usually immediately saved so coaches and players can quickly consider past plays to find out what occurred.One thing that is certainly absent out there surfaces is video. It was agreed through the NFL rule makers that video would supply a competitive advantage this is not present when viewing still photos. Instead, that is meant to have the old process better by eliminating the clunkier aspect of handling paper as an alternative to bestowing a tangible benefit to quarterbacks or coaches. There are no outside apps, either, that can interfere with the overall game.

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