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Jared Nelson

Overwatch 2 Competitive UI Mockups Imagine Losses If Shown

A mock-up of the ranked competition progress screen for the competitive online shooter Overwatch 2 was made by a gamer as a joke about what it would look like if it indicated failure. Even in areas where the first Overwatch failed to be a competitive shooter, Overwatch 2 intends to be one. Nevertheless, in order to avoid conveying a message that would annoy gamers, Blizzard made some strange design choices. This mockup illustrates how it would seem if Blizzard informed gamers of this information. In the game, players can prepare an ample amount of [B]Overwatch 2 Coins[/B].

After each match in Overwatch 2 Ranked Mode, players will see a screen labeled "Competitive Progress." This screen shows how many Overwatch 2 players have won, including the characters and maps they used to win. It also keeps track of how many victories a player needs to earn before receiving updated skill levels and ranks. The current Overwatch 2 Competitive Progress screen does not display failures, although a player's rank and rank can also be updated after multiple failures.

Overwatch 2 competitive players have demanded for some time that Blizzard share player losses in the competitive progress menu, but Blizzard has so far chosen not to. So Reddit user Toxicinator decided to create a mockup of what it might look like if losses were included on the "race to progress" screen. Above the victories listed, there are 15 boxes representing defeats. When a player loses a match, the boxes are marked with a red "x".

The model is relatively simple, but effectively demonstrates how easy it is for Blizzard to share this information without major changes. Overwatch 2 players just want to know when their rankings are updated, win or lose. Blizzard doesn't want players constantly being told they're losing, and the current UI is its solution.

Still, there is good news to share on the subject. Blizzard has confirmed that it has changed its mind and agreed that players should be given more information about their wins and losses. Unfortunately, the planned changes aren't ready for Overwatch 2 Season 3 just yet. Blizzard's update is targeting season 4. However, what it will look like is unclear.

Part of a bigger issue in competitive Overwatch 2 is the absence of information about player losses. From the player's perspective, it is unclear why Blizzard made the decision to only update player rankings and ratings every five victories or fifteen defeats. This is slow and vague. However, Overwatch 2 gamers are likely to claim every victory possible. [URL="https://www.mmovip.net/"][B]mmovip.net[/B][/URL] is a good resource for further gaming guides.