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Jared Nelson

Bungie details Destiny 2: Lightfall's weapon crafting changes

Bungie, the creator of Destiny 2, has examined all of the numerous adjustments coming to the game's current weapon making system. The ability to build weapons in Destiny was first introduced with the Witch Queen expansion pack and has since undergone a number of modifications, but the most thorough change is still to come in the upcoming Lightfall DLC. In the game, players can gather enough [B]Destiny 2 Silver[/B].

While Destiny 2's streamlined weapon crafting has been announced, Bungie hasn't detailed exactly what and why the upcoming changes are, until now. Over the past few weeks, the developer has been releasing more and more in-depth information on exactly what's coming to the Lightfall DLC, so the new announcement fits perfectly with precedent.

According to Bungie's new weapon crafting blog post, Destiny 2 players can look forward to a number of changes with Lightfall. The biggest change is also the simplest: only craftable weapons are eligible to drop as Deepsight (outlined in red) items, making acquiring weapons more fun and rewarding for players. Bungie also discovered that unique weapon crafting resources weren't integrated into the Destiny economy, and will be removing them from the game entirely. Weapon crafting will now instead utilize regular resources such as Legendary Shards, Augment Cores, and other such items.

However, Bungie's response to the Destiny 2 community's feedback on weapon crafting continues. In Season 21, players can choose to apply Deepsight to specific craftable weapons, providing another way to unlock crafting recipes. Even better, players who want to upgrade a crafted weapon but don't want to use it will be able to upgrade sometime after Season 21, adding even more flexibility to the overall system.

Not only will it become easier to level up crafted weapons in Destiny 2 over the next few seasons, but Bungie has now shed some light on how this system will tie in with brand new weapon enhancements. Specifically, players will be able to insert Enhanced Perks into Raid Adept gear, upgrading them beyond their normal capabilities. Doing so, however, would require a lot of upgrades and a lot of resources, turning an already valuable Specialist into an interesting long-term investment for veteran players.

Players are already hard at work getting ready for Destiny 2: Light even though the new expansion pack won't be released for another several days. On February 14th, the game's final significant seasonal update was released, bringing Seraph Season and the Witch Queen DLC to a close and laying the groundwork for the Lightfall DLC's opening sequence. You may get more gaming guides at [URL="http://www.heckofadesign.com/"][B]heckofadesign.com[/B][/URL].