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Jared Nelson

Fortnite: The top Marvel characters worthy of a crossover

Fortnite has gotten bigger over the last six years, both in terms of content and user base. More IPs are prepared to work with this well-liked battle royale game as the player base rises and Fortnite's influence on the general public grows. Marvel was one of the first brands to jump at the possibility with Mesh IP, and while Fortnite's crossover potential is infinite right now with various TV series, movies, and even other video games donating their characters to the game, that wasn't always the case. In the game, players can stock up on [B]Fortnite V-BUCKS[/B].

As of this writing, there are currently over 50 Marvel skins in Fortnite, and while players will have to wait for them to appear in the store's rotation, there are still tons of skins to choose from, spanning the entire Marvel universe, from comics to Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy — pretty much every big-name Marvel hero has made an appearance in Fortnite, but a handful of characters are still missing from the roster.

The Fantastic Four in Fortnite
Marvel's original family, the Fantastic Four, are the only major Marvel team yet to appear in Fortnite, though the team's arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom, does. There are plenty of opportunities for skins here, from every member, Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, and Torch, appearing in their traditional blue and black outfits, to every team member wearing a sleek white and black Future Foundation suit .

More Fortnite Spider-Man Outfits
Spider-Man is widely regarded as the most popular superhero on the planet, and Fortnite took every opportunity to bring him into the game. There have been plenty of Spider-Man suits in Fortnite, from the original comic book version to the Spider-Man: No Way Home set, to the Zero Fight crossover comic set. But as any fan knows, there's always room for more Spider-Man suits.

Epic Games has several different Spider-Man suits to choose from. There's a classic Ben Reily Scarlet Spider hoodie set, a neon stealth set, and a spider punk outfit. With Into the Spider-Verse releasing in just a few months, this is the perfect opportunity for a new Spider-Man suit to come to Fortnite, Miles' black and red suit and Miguel O'Hara's Spider-Man - Man 2099 set. It's also a perfect opportunity to join Gwen in introducing another Spider-Woman, the original comic book version of Jessica Drew.

More Fortnite X-Men Skins
The X-Men have had a pretty big presence in Fortnite, with characters like Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Psylocke, Mystique, Domino, Deadpool and even Cable already appearing in the game as skins, but there are still some X-Men skins that won't Wrong. Despite being one of the core members of the team, Cyclops still hasn't made it to Fortnite. Fan-favorite character Nightcrawler is also a notable omission from the roster, along with another blue hero, Beast.

More Fortnite Marvel Villain Skins
The roster of villains in Fortnite's Marvel game is seriously lacking if there is one thing. There are presently only Carnage, Venom, Green Goblin, Loki, and Thanos in the game. There are still a ton of Spider-Man villains that may make an appearance in Fortnite, from more eccentric figures like Hobgoblin, Tombstone, and Kingpin to additional Sinister Six members like Doc Ock, Scorpion, Electro, and Sandman. There are also a number of well-known antagonists missing from the current Fortnite roster, like Magneto, Ultron, and Red Skull. With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania soon to be released, Fortnite will have the ideal chance to include Kang the Conqueror in the game. You can find additional game guides at [URL="http://www.mmookay.com/"][B]mmookay.com[/B][/URL].