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It's hot, cool and stylish summer outfits

It's officially summer. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the number of clothes on the body is decreasing. Many of them are light and light fabrics, and the skin area is large.
There is also the same formula for wearing t-shirts and shorts every day, do you want to change a style?
Today, I'm going to share some cool, comfortable and stylish everyday clothes that are suitable for summer. If you can't match them, just look for the same style in your closet and wear it.

Hot summer, want to wear comfortable cool, pure cotton, moldai, tencel and other materials the most popular. T-shirts are a must-have item every year, and if you already have a lot of basic styles, this year try this retro T-shirt with piping. More detailed than solid color, and its own age-reducing effect, with this elegant ruffian fan slacks, not only cover meat, and very comfortable.

What kind of top can you wear in summer besides a T-shirt? Shirts, of course, as the temperature gets higher and higher, girls who are afraid of heat can directly choose short-sleeved shirts.
However, ordinary short-sleeved shirts are easy to wear inflexible rustic, add bubble sleeve or wooden ear edge, lotus edge such retro elements, add sweet girl breath, more vitality. Light yellow, cherry blossom powder, refreshing and eye - pleasing.

When we choose these shirts, we want to wear them in a high quality and textured way, and it's best to keep one element, because too many fashion elements together can look cheap and tacky. Choose another low-key neutral color, more versatile, utilization rate will be higher.

Torturous summer everybody wears light color to compare brunet much, below high temperature weather, very relaxed also on the vision without so absorb heat, also can a bit more color additionally, the mood also can be very relaxed and happy.
The neutral color of 50%~60% can be used to neutralize the jumping feeling of color. For example, the following orange + cowboy blue, refreshing bright eyes, white collar can be properly brightened, the whole person looks full of vitality.

Summer wants to wear gentleness and romance of course little little dress, holiday travel broken beautiful skirt is first selection absolutely, elegant material is united in union of pure and fresh floret, fairy is sweet, atmosphere feels had.
If you're worried you can't pull off a floral, opt for a simple solid color, a sheer gauze material combined with a light, soft powder, and turn it into a fairy.

Girls with a lot of sense recommend this kind of dress with open button design. The version is loose enough, but with a belt, you can freely adjust your waist to create a waist line. In addition, there are slight slits at the hem of the skirt, which can modify the leg shape and look very thin visually.
Small lapel design reduces age quite, draw rope design also can adjust waist circumference freely, tie-in a wide hair hoop, can sunken easily give wind restoring ancient ways.

Little girl, you can never go wrong with short on top and long on bottom. In summer, you can enhance lightness and optimize overall proportions by applying the right skin exfoliation, especially around the neck and ankles.
Can put a few color on upper body additionally, appear vitality not only, still can promote visual center of gravity, more show tall carry.

Girls like minimalist wind, classic black and white with the same popular in summer, if there is no matching skills, might as well directly start a suit, solve the collocation trouble, and can wear good-looking lift gas. At the same time, the suit can be taken apart to match, wearing a different feeling.
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