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Fall beauty is easy. Learn these 4 dressing tips

The weather is getting colder and colder, autumn and winter collocation must be a headache for us. How to keep warm already do not appear bloated again, also can have own style at the same time, reflect the importance of collocation at this time.
As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. It's important to look carefully at what works for your body and what works for you. Wearing something that works for you can transform you and enhance your look. Here are some autumn and winter must-have items for you.
1, the cardigan
Wear a simple yellow bodice with a tight base, and a pair of wide-legged, three-quarter strap jeans with a cardigan in the same color. The cardigan also has a square pattern that echoes the jeans, which is not thin but harmonious in color, and the upper and lower body proportion is appropriate.
On the foot a pair of versatile small white shoes, neutralized the colour of the whole body, all show vitality. For such a lively, angry look, you need to choose the right hairstyle, and a fluffy bun is a good choice.
Of course, if you don't like this style, you can also choose to wear it with skinny jeans or a skirt and stockings, and wear a bag in the same color as your cardigan across the top.
2, sweaters
Sweaters are also an indispensable piece of clothing after we enter autumn, but how to wear it a sense of fashion, it is a difficult problem that bothers a lot of people.
And this light sweater with pink pants, looks simple, but not casual, if in a white hat, will be more stylish, elegant.
The sweater can be worn with a long skirt, but we need to pay attention to the color combination, the sweater and skirt should be a blend of colors, so that it does not stand out.
So the whole more loose style, the hairstyle needs to tie up, such as the ball head, will be more fresh and neat feeling.
3. Long trench coat
Windbreaker has a lot of design, it is Korean department above all ubiquitous thin money, such inclusive stronger design suits any crowd very much.
You can match it with long skirts, full-length dresses, trousers, straight skirts and so on. Hang a delicate bag again, very show temperament.
Like the square style in the picture, the buttons are neatly buttoned up, and the feet are matched with a pair of boots, which is very Korean. At the same time, wear a pure white hat on your head to make a splash in the dark ensemble.
Shawl curls also let us look very feminine, of course, tied up hair also gives a person a very capable feeling, the foot with unobtrusive canvas shoes, does not conflict with the overall matching effect.
The other is a thick woolen coat, which can be worn in colder weather for warmth and height. Pair it with jeans for a splash, dress it up with a skirt, and pick a matching pair of sneakers or boots to pull off whatever style you want.
If the coat has a belt, you can choose to tie it back to the waist for a more layered look from the back. You can also choose to tie the belt directly from the front for a waist-tightening effect.
We can choose shoulder-length hair or ponytail or ball and so on. Different hairstyles can also show different style effects. Shoulder hair shows gentle grace, tie up and show vitality.
Wearing a coat with a scarf is also a very stylish way to go. Choose different scarf collocation according to the coat of different design, in this winter, already warm warmth can become the most beautiful girl again.
4. Short coats
The third item is our shorts coat, which is a magic item for short girls. The proportion of short upper body and long lower body is matched, which will elongate the height visually and show taller.
The simplest collocation is the lower body collocation jeans, seemingly simple, but do not look down on it, accidentally will become very common.
When we wear such type of clothes, we should pay attention to the color collocation, can choose the color contrast, can also choose the same color, in short, the color of the body is not too much, otherwise it will appear flashy, but also look clumsy.
In addition, we can also match short or long straight skirts in the lower body to neutralize the sense of hardness and make people more soft and warm. As long as you pay attention to the coordination of the proportion of the upper and lower body, do not have too long upper body and too short lower body, otherwise it will appear that the legs are short.
You can't go wrong with a hoodie or a crew-neck hoodie underneath your coat. Of course, scarves and woolen hats can also be embellished if needed.Read more at:www.formaldressau.com | knee length cocktail dresses