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Is it worthwhile to kill the giant mole?

Sorry, I asked many questions. What's the OSRS GP purpose of limpwurts? My friend plans to start farming if he is elected. Problem:He has rather lows stats and is a poor farmer. What can I do to help him to get seeds? (Presuming that both of us become members)

Is it worthwhile to kill the giant mole? What levels do you suggest for a fighter? Do you know of any safespots in the region? Are the slayer area (Slayer Tower, Canifis and Dungeoun in Relekka Multicombat?) multicombat? are there safespots? I'm at level 72. Stats:Attack65 Strength:59 defence 52 Where should I train? I prefer places that offer decent wages. What is the value of red spider eggs?

Limps can be purchased for between 700 and 1k each. Asking for seeds from people who are thieving is a good way to find them. They will drop seeds in Ardougne and Draynor, and you just need to walk over to pick them up. This is a good way to make some extra money if you go through a lot of patches.

Dont even bother with mole until you're at least 100 and are in a group of good people, many will say they can do it by themselves, but they will have been through a lot of practice. There are a lot of safespots in the slayer Tower. I am often there to get bloodveld. The chair that is next to the window is ideal for range, mage, and the halberd.

Experiments can give you the most experience when you have gained access to the area through some quests, but if not just go down a couple of levels in the stronghold. Once you're a member and will receive better gear and will be able to spend the cost of food. You can also train to be a Slayer. The cost of the spider eggs ranges from 700-800 per egg.

Multiply the number (66) and the amount of buy old school runescape gold ess you wish to return (20) to get the amount of ess. That is 1650, which is the amount of noted ess you need. Calculation #3 makes no sense. The calculation should be 6600 (total airs) multiplied by 15 or 10 (selling price of airs) to be 99000 GBP or 66000 gp. It is possible to make it even with only 1000 gp from the initial 100000 gp.
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