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What do you think would work most effectively for me?

Okay, my screen shots are OSRS GP seriously failing me. Johnny and others might already be aware that the images I submitted for the Cooks Guild Guide were completely messed-up. Every single image I've tried to upload since then has been blurry and terrible. I've got a few concerns about the reason for this:

Runescape itself. Runescape appears to lose its resolution as a result of all the recent updates (such as the Varrock one as well as the Barbarian training). I've uploaded all of my pictures from Imageshack. Could Tinypic and Photobucket be better options? Do you have other ideas? If you have any additional ideas, do submit them. I'm unable to get Runescape-picture signatures or create guides that are new.

I have about 8k items I want to alch and I am considering where to do it. Here are the options I've come up with thus far: Dharok's Tomb Hoping that someone might be unable to pray at the right moment. Be aware. My house is accessible to anyone who needs an altar or a lectern. The Giant Mole- I could apply poison to kill it or just let it go. This would open the possibility of collecting the seeds of trees.

I would like to at least have a chance of earning something beyond the alching experience and money. So, for example, I don't want to do it in a bank doing nothing. What do you think would work most effectively for me? Are you able to offer any additional suggestions?

I will be using altars that are open to guilded use from anyone in the forums official to 13hrs every day. How many dragon bones can I to use? I'm hoping to reach at least 1k. Do you have the ability to take two marentillo herbs and a small tinderbox for each journey.

Do I use the marentill plants with rs 3 gold the burners or the tinderbox for the guilded shrine? When the burners turn on, can I use the bones 1 by 1 on the altar to place them in the ashes?
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