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Runescape Mobile received 1 update

Okay, let's get to the best part - the dates for OSRS GP release. It is evident that Archaeology's development has made great strides. On Jan 2020, Archaeology will be available to all visitors with five dig locations, ancient invention, ancient summoning, and relics.

Let's look at the latest information and news. RS Mobile, which is extremely exciting, will draw more people in, I hope. RuneFest Theme, so not a game update, a convention. RunePass - Oceans Bounty, cosmetic items available. Treasure Hunter - Boneyard

Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeon - that's great for elite players I'm guessing. Mysteria, oh another treasure hunter. In game calendar - How thrilling :xd Summer Pinatas - A lot more treasure hunter BS. SGS Summer sale & jester pack, BUY OUR COSMETIC ITEMS GUYS. Hall Of Memories: Levelling divination into a new region is fine for certain. Supernova - Treasure hunter bs once again. It's carnival! Spend money at Solomons Store, you guys. The treasure hunter cash grabs are seven of the 12 updates.

Runescape Mobile received 1 update, which is a significant improvement. 1 thing about a convention the majority of players will not be paying attention to.3 game updates, and while some are interesting but they do not add much to the game and will not inspire new players to want to get involved.

Jagex I'm sorry to admit it, does not provide you with a lot of reasons to be concerned. Are there any new or interesting content, or fun and relevant content? Where are they all? what the hell is Jagex working on that gives the players a more fun and exciting experience. I don't need more cosmetics. I don't want your micro transactions rubbish. Provide me with a proper gaming experience with fun and enjoyable content, and stop cash grabbing every cent.

It's fascinating to hear that they'd like to cheap OSRS GP create another RuneScape. RuneScape 2 was, as I saw it, a great game that could be played with any PC. It was simple to multi-task, and it had a simple but complicated gameplay.
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