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The Old Druid from Solar Isle told me to give you this Scroll

They will hopefully fix any bugs, such as OSRS GP scoring errors and invisible barriers, since it's the official Runescape update. About 25% of the games have been incorrectly scored as per my experience. Yesterday, it stated that I had won 2 games while my team-mate had won 1. We should have been awarded credit for the three games. I wasn't surprised that the score was off (it occurs frequently, and I've come to anticipate it) but that reality that on the same team there was a descrepency really annoyed me.

The Druid's Bidding. Skill Requirements:Level 65 Herblore and Level 35 Prayer, Level 35 magic, and the ability defeat two level-196 Demons as well as a Level 198 boss. Quest Requirements: Solar Diplomacy, Priest in Peril, Nature Spirit, and Wolf Whistle. To begin this quest, talk to an Old Druid on Solar Isle. An Old Druid: Good morning, young adventurer. Good morning Druid. Welcome Druid.

In actuality, I require your assistance to run a few tasks. It's possible. This is great. Send this scroll to Drezel. Drezel says that you've helped him in the past, so you'll be able locate him. Travel to Drezel near the Holy Portal. Hey, there! (Player Name). What can I help you with?

The Old Druid from Solar Isle told me to give you this Scroll. Salen attempted to contact me. If that's his name then yes. Give Drezel the Scroll. The message needs to be returned to Drezel. Journey back to Salen on Solar Isle. Have I handed over your scroll to Drezel? Yes, I did. He gave me this scroll to gift to you.

It was excellent. Now, I'm begging you to purchase me an unclean Sarui Herb. The only place I can tell they growis close to the tree that swayes. Where that is, I've forgotten. I think I have a clue. Go back to Salen by going to the Swaying Tree and then picking the Suspicious Bush.

Before you give him the herb you must old school rs gold clean it. Have you given me the herb? It is here. I now need a vial. The next step is to find Holy Water. There is only one route. Go to the River Salve with a vial. Use the vial with the water. To enhance the magic of the vial talk to the Nature Spirit. Go to Drezel and ask Drezel to bless the vial. Now you have holy water!
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