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Good money mahogany yews or both are acceptable cash

You could also do maples however they're valued OSRS GP as much, since maples are 100xp per log , and extremely fast, nearly the same speed as maples. Summary: If your goal is Cash 71-85 yews 85-99 magic. If you want No cash in any way, 71-99 ivy. If you want barely anything Maples or Willows, Maples are more valuable but willows have a higher yield. It all depends on what you're looking for.

I was once a lover of woodcutting so I know a some of the basics, Ivy 68-99 is the most efficient but you'll only get birds' nests out of it. If I were you, I'd perform 71-85 yews, 85-99 magics for $ . However, if don't want A LOT of money go yews all the way.

It is also possible to do maples but they are not expensive, they have 100xp per a log and very fast, and almost like maples. Summary: If you're looking to get cash, you can buy yews 71-85 and 85-99. If you're after no cash at all , then 71-99 Ivy. If you're looking for nothing but Willows or Maples, willows are better but willows are cheaper. It's all based on the things you're looking for...

The opposite is true... Okay , the fastest method is a sawmill, using crystals and big jobs. Second fastest is doing teaks and dropping them. The third fastest (apparently) in the world, using artic pines and cutting them. It is the fastest, most ivy and most attractive thing to see and everyone does this to 99. Good money? mahogany , yews or both are acceptable cash.

I was thinking about how to earn fast cash in this F2P world. I'm stuck on this concept of making 500plus pastry doughs.it can get you 500k+ .but sadly,it takes 2hrs to complete it. Can u guys plz share an idea? Stats at lower.

In reality, I've been off of buy rs3 gold runningescape for about a year, perhaps longer, though I did log in time and time again. I am now back on full time and activated my account again and am hoping to pick up the place I have left off (getting access to your quest cape). Recently, i've become bored of learning various skills so that I can wear my quest cape for the first time and have decided that I'd like to learn some combat skills.
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