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Alongside the regular routes for trees

If you've already cleared the 85 levels, you may OSRS GP plant a second special tree which is Celastrus. This patch for trees is in the third tier the guild known as the Farming guild. Even though it needs expensive seeds, it's not going to give the same amount of experience as the Calquat Tree. Its growth is estimated at 13,5 hours . It offers a good experience boost however it should only be used by those with extra gold to cultivate and who are looking to maximize possible experience through the day.

Start off in Varrock which is where you will find a the tree patch further to the east of the castle. Connect to Tree Gnome Stronghold using an either Spirit Tree and Slayer Ring and plant what you have. Make use of Falador Teleport and the farm tree patch to get there. You can teleport into Lumbridge and then to the farm tree patch there . Then go to Taverley to find another. The last tree patch is in a farming guild however you will need 45 farming or 60% Hosidius' favor to get it.

Alongside the regular routes for trees, which you'll typically be following for the majority of all the time, it is possible to acquire additional experience in agriculture with fruit trees by planting them on patches specifically designed specifically for them.

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