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Madden 22 also introduced an extended scenario engine

We don't wish to talk about rumors and Mut 22 coins speculation. However, we're determined to continue to enhance Franchise as a aspect of our Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond. This includes two coming Franchise update that will be available during Madden NFL 22. We'll be providing more information about the updates during the new year.

The announcement follows an article by Sports Gamers Online that EA had opted to cancel additional games with franchise-based modes in Madden 22. It cites IGN's conversation with Madden 22 Executive Producer Seann Graddy, who claimed that this year's program is "slightly more modest than previous years prior" due to the fact that the team is focusing on a few key areas instead of trying to roll out new content in the manner of Superstar KO, a well-received arcade mode that was introduced by Madden 20.

"I would suggest that [the roadmap may be a bit less ambitious than years past because we're really focusing on a few key areas in Madden 22 and also getting into Madden 23 in a big way," Graddy said at the time. "So I will stand by the same thing we've said for the past few years"we're a live game and we'll keep updating Madden, however we're definitely not going to be talking about a brand new mode."

The news story was noticed partly due to franchise mode, which is a thorny issue for some Madden players. Indeed, the promised roadmap was initially a response to the #fixmaddenfranchise hashtag that circulated Twitter around mid-2020. The campaign was initiated following reports that EA wasn't planning improvements to franchise mode in the year prior.

Since since then, EA has released new mut coins cheap commissioner tools, as well as other improvements with a major overhaul of their scouting systems. Madden 22 also introduced an extended scenario engine, seasonal cutscenes, as well as coaching skill trees. Nevertheless, fans continue to highlight various areas where franchise mode can improve relative to the other modes, from the overall lack of customization to the myriad of bugs.
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