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In 2K22 there are fewer defenders

Nba 2k22 Mt is, at its launch, a slower experience that NBA 2K21 because of the method the game uses to deal with endurance loss. If you've played the game last year it's likely that you're used to throwing dribbles on the top of the key to be able to go to shoot a three. If you tried to rim run with quick, athletic players you're accustomed to getting off the break, and knifing into defenses.

Within NBA 2K22, if you hold down the sprint button or make a lot of dribble moves, you stamina will fall off of the cliff. It wasn't as much of a problem last year because you were still able to shoot well when tired. In 2K22 your shot meter can reduce as you get tired and your release becomes slower. This can make it more difficult to make shots, and also gives your opponent a wider time to fight.

The best advice we can give is not to speed up. If you have stamina, shooting is much easier this year. Make the most of it by playing a little moderately and you'll see success.

If you're an offline player, one tip is to utilize the changes Visual Concepts made to AI help defend. In the past, players would come at you from the pick, leaving their man wide and free. This made it much easier to three hunt on the wings if you had trouble scoring.

In mt 2k22 there are fewer defenders who appear to be as crashing as they do in 2K21 which allows you to play games that feel more authentically like an NBA game. Now, it's all about taking note of the defense and making the right decisions. If you call for your center to make a choice and his defender switches to you, you can throw the ball to the big guy and let him battle smaller defenders. If they don't congratulations on your new court. Make it to the bucket, and lay it up or get fouled.
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