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If you go in after making tokens, you go to the cyclopes

You can get full torags with OSRS GP no hammer. Costs like under 900k. It's among/the most effective melee weapons in the game. Much less costly than veracs (veracs helm on its own is 900k+). It is possible that all Barrows armor degrades when in combat.. Barrows helms disappear completely after 15hrs of battle..

Then, you have to fix them, which will cost you around 230k for all of the armour. The next step is a Wep. whips are good for def and atk training, but get a Dragon Scimmy blade or Brackish for str. Dragon scimmy is cheaper than a brackish (50k rather than 500k) however it is still in need of the monkey madness..

Saradomin swords are more suitable for str, however it's price is 4m-5m, and you cant afford it. In the sheild slot (unless you are tanking or fighting drags) a dragon defender is the best choice. It is not tradeable, however, and it requires you to kill cyclopes in the highest levels of the warriors guild in order to be able to get these..

If you go in after making tokens, you go to the cyclopes, and on "all tokens" mode fight them.. Once you've killed them there's a chance that one of their drop is defense of the next the tier.. Example: U kill a cyclops but without striking any defender, it could drop one of the bronze defenders..

While battling bronze, they drop iron, and old school runescape gold it goes on. However, defenders are extremely rare drops, so moving from no defender, to dragon defender is likely to require a couple of hours, plus the time to earn most of the coins. If you are going to be bossy or go to some place where you'll be in the process of tanking an enormous amount of DMG, you'll need the dfs (8.5mil) however it sux im0.