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Bidding Tab Explained

Coming to the second tab of Lost Ark Gold Auction House, the Bidding tab allows you to bid on items related to equipment for players. The filtering system in the Bidding Tab is more intricate than the one in the Auction Tab. Players may sort offers in this category using the filter system by item type category, skill level their own level of proficiency, and additional perks.

This feature also lets players with different templates or presets of filters that allow them to use them and look for specific objects, without the need to click boxes repeatedly.

Two ways that you have the option of acquiring the item for sale on the bidding tab: either by bidding or buying it. Buyouts for items up for sale will be quite more expensive than bidding prices however you'll acquire the item. In bidding, those who bid highest will get the item.

Hidden Stories are small, out-of-the-way tales Lost Ark Gold for sale that you can undertake to complete in Lost Ark. They provide a welcome variation from the more epic quests that are available in the game. They mainly serve to flesh out the locations and the people of Lost Ark. While they're usually easy to complete, there are some games that require research to be completed. "Spending an Eternity" could be one of these Hidden Tale. The location is Yudia The HS needs you to find and go to three locations in order to complete it. To save you the time you'd otherwise have had to spend searching for them, our Spending an Eternity Together Location Lost Ark Hidden Story guide will let you know which three locations are.
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