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Lost Ark: Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations

It is important to note that many in the mokoko Seeds Lost Ark Gold within this Lost Ark dungeon are not located on the route depicted on the map in-game, and players that are looking to acquire all the Seeds must venture into the dark dungeons several times. The lines that are in the map featured in this guide indicate the direction that players need to traverse through the dark abysses while the circles show their positions for those Mokoko Seeds that are themselves. These designations should help to identify precisely what the Seeds should be approached.

Lost Ark: Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko, lost ark ruins of the ark seed map

1. Lost Ark players should jump from the main pathway to grasp the planks that run from the wooden structure which is above. There is a hut on this platform. The initial Mokoko Seed is near the pots on the south-facing side.

2. Pass along the south-facing side of the hut along the main route and then jump to a wood platform. The second Mokoko Seed is near the end of the platform.

3 & 4: There's a toppled column that makes an access ramp cheap Lost Ark Gold which runs to the southeast of the two Mokoko Seeds. Fans of MMORPGs should climb that ramp and take out the two enemies that are at the bottom. They should then clear huge brambles blocking their way. This will reveal a small vine that players can take advantage of to cross a chasm and get to the Seeds.
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