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Shooting has undergone many changes for NBA 2K22

Now a little reward for the big boys. We've spent NBA 2K22 MT a lot of time upgrading the post-game with tons of new content. This includes new movement and a new arsenal of back-tobasket-to-basket maneuvers. Similar to face-up ball handling, several of the moves include cancels and aborts.

For instance, you can start your post spin by twirling your Pro Stick, then immediately move the left stick in the opposite direction in order to spin back. There are new R2 fakes that keep you on the edge of your seat during post making it possible to run multiple fakes in a row without losing your attention.

Shooting has undergone many changes for NBA 2K22. There's a brand new shot meter with a dynamically resizing make window. The window will expand for high-quality pictures when shooting with a good shooter, but will narrow when it's being heavily contested or shooting with a weak shooter, or when you're tired.

The major emphasis for successful shooting in this year's competition is Shot IQ. The teams that work for open looks and take smart shots will see far more success than teams who force poor shots. We've conducted extensive focus-group testing of the new shooting mechanics on players of all skill levels , and we believe it's the best that shooting has experienced for players in NBA 2K.

We've revamped the blocking system in NBA 2K22 best place to buy 2k22 mt and we're now giving rim protectors additional tools to make fantastic stops on the edge. In addition, on PS5 we've added time meters for alley-oop and aggressive skill dunk attempts.
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