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Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at the NFL

"I've played Madden throughout my life and Mut 22 coins have always been a big fan of their legendary soundtracks," declared Moneybagg Yo. "Now to get the chance to be part of the very first Ultimate Madden Bowl Halftime Show is a complete circle moment for me and I'm thankful for the platform."

"Competition along with entertainment the basis of EA's long-term faith in the potential of esports," said Anthony Stevenson the Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth Brand for EA. "It's fantastic to celebrate our Madden NFL Championship Series finale with such amazing partners, talent, and even distribution."

"The Ultimate Madden Bowl athlete broadcast will offer Madden 22 coins for sale the first chance to introduce a Madden NFL esports storyline to the NFL fan in a way illustrated by their most beloved NFL Legends and players," stated Joe Ruggiero, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at the NFL. "Working with EA gives us the chance to reach out to the next generation of players who have consistently shown a desire to engage in interactive, digital experiences. Today's Ultimate Madden Bowl cast is the best example of a genuine approach to customizing sports content to keep fans of the NFL fans in mind."
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