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It's unclear if players can choose different races for every class

It's unclear if players can choose different Lost Ark Gold races for every class in the future, since the developer hasn't yet made any announcements about this.

One of the biggest aspects of many MMORPGs is the capacity to play with friends on the game, and guilds are a fantastic way to keep them all in one place and organize events.

Establishing a guild in Lost Ark is fairly simple and is possible within minutes of players leaving the prologue with the required amount in silver. The game throws many challenges at players the second they leave the prologue, therefore, learning about guilds could be difficult to find in the abundance of information.

To open the guild tab, press Alt+U, or click "Community" at the bottom right hand corner of the map. You can then select "Guild" by clicking the "Pop-up Menu. This will bring up the screen for guilds. It will list all the guilds looking to recruit members. Guilds can include up to 30 members in the beginning.

To form a guild, you'll need to have 2,000 silver. Once you're on the Guild tab, click on the top of your panel and select "Create Guild." Put the name of your guild, a description, and once you click "Create Guild," your guild will be created. When creating a guild, you'll need to keep "Add to Suggested List of Guilds" enabled so that your guild comes up on the list of suggested guilds. People can then request to join your guild , or join immediately.

When your guild is formed you can Lost Ark Gold for sale handle it via clicking on the buttons at the top of the panel and choosing "Manage." In there, you can edit the flag, modify the guild's name, change the leader of the guild, edit join settings, and more.