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How to obtain contact Dunks

An aggressive dunk can be performed cheap Nba 2k22 Mt by holding the triggers R2 or RT and flicking the left stick in any direction while running. Dunks that are aggressive can be done by anyone who has elite dunking package, such as Ja Morant, Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson.

It's fine if the defenders are right in front of you when you have elite players due to their necessary attributes to finish spectacularly over them. Having the player sprint from the backcourt, and having an athletic physique increases the likelihood to complete the move.

A contact dunk is done by holding R2 or RT , with the left stick pointed upwards while sprinting towards the basket. There should be a defensive player who is guarding the paint to ensure that your player can complete with a contact dunk in front of him.

Elite finishers have a better chances of finishing contact dunks over defenders. Players who are equipped with pro or elite packages can gain contact dunks however the challenge to finish them increases against players with a the best paint defense and block.

Dunk contest control is different from your regular dunks buy Nba 2k22 Mt during games. Players can choose the type of dunk that they want to execute based on the given dunks in NBA 2K22. It's all about timing and execution in these dunks as the judges will evaluate them when determining.
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