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To open the guild tab click Alt+U

It's not yet clear what the future holds for players Lost Ark Gold to choose different races in every class in the future, since the developer has yet to announce anything regarding this.

One of the biggest aspects of many MMORPGs is the capability to do things with friends on the game, and guilds can be a fantastic way to keep all of them in one place and organize events.

The process of forming a guild in Lost Ark is fairly simple and can be done once players have completed the prologue and have earned the required amount of silver. The game throws a variety of options at players when they leave the prologue, so learning about guilds can definitely be lost in the abundance of details.

To open the guild tab, click Alt+U, select “Community” at the bottom right side of the map. You can then select “Guild” within the pop-up menu. This will open the screen for guilds. It will show you all the guilds currently seeking members. They can have as many as 30 members in the beginning.

For constituting a guild cheapest Lost Ark Gold, you'll require 2,000 silver. Once you're in the Guild tab, check the top of the panel and select “Create Guild.” Put the name of your guild, a description, and then once it's clicked “Create Guild,” your guild will be formed. When creating a guild, you'll need to keep “Add to the Suggested Guilds List” selected to ensure your guild appears on the list of suggested guilds. The members can then make a request to join your organization or join it instantly.