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Madden isn't always flawless in its simulation

In the second half, "The one score Madden 22 coins in the 2nd quarter was scored just after halftime on an impressive 32-yard catch and score by Cooper Kupp, giving the Rams a 14-7 lead at the halftime."

Third quarter "Defense was the dominant factor in the third quarter. Eli Apple intercepts Matthew Stafford for a touchdown right out at halftime, and tying the game with 14."

The fourth quarter was "Offense took over the final quarter with the first being an Bengals' touchdown attack led by Burrow which culminated with the 13-yard touchdown at Tee Higgins. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Rams responded with a touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr. which tied the game within the last minute of the fourth. With only a few seconds left remaining on the clock Burrow leads the Bengals on one final drive, and Evan McPherson kicks a game-winning 49-yard field shot, giving players of the Bengals an unprecedented Super Bowl victory in franchise history."

However, Madden buy mut coins madden 22 isn't always flawless in its simulation. Whether you choose to believe that the Bengals will prevail in this year's Super Bowl is up to you. Watch the game live and watch what happens on Sunday, February 13.