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Some players in 2K21 reported a faulty team selection

The current-gen update on the cheap Nba 2k22 Mt PS4 along with the Xbox One last April 8. This patch comes in version 1.10 and is said to be a 17.5GB improvement for PS4. According to reports, The Xbox One will feature a capacity of 30GB for storage.

Some players in 2K21 reported a faulty team selection and jersey functions in multiplayer mode. But the game's developers have not corrected them. Also, 2K22's multiplayer game will require you to play for quarters of five minutes, on a simple difficulty level. This issue is limited to 2K22's next-generation console version. Players with PCs and previous-generation consoles have not complained about the limitation. More importantly, it's been four months, and 2k still hasn't addressed the issue.

It was reported that the PS5 update had 306.2 MB in size, in addition to the NBA 2K22 update version 1.013. The update version for the Xbox Series X|S is and the size is nearly the same. As we've recently had a massive NBA 2K22 update and the latest one might have similar features. In any case, it's amazing to see the game maintained well.

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