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Madden nfl 23 is in development for unspecified platforms

Madden nfl 23 Cover Will Be 'Different' Than Madden nfl 22 coins Previous Years

The last year has been an extremely busy one for the video game industry. As the world is adapting to the pandemic many people are playing video games, while remaining at home during lockdowns. Video game giant Electronic Arts is coming off its best year ever as its shares have risen over 15% since last year. EA does not plan to slow down in 2021. EA has already made some major moves , such as the acquisition Codemasters and the launch of EA Play on PC Game Pass.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson shared plans for upcoming titles that include Battlefield 6 and Madden nfl 23. Based on Wilson, Madden nfl 23 will sport a bit of a new cover than previous years. When inquired by Bloomberg Technology who will be the cover of the magazine, Wilson replied, "Well we'll be able to find out very soon. I reviewed the issue with my colleagues just yesterday. I can assure you that there are more surprises in store. "GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAYWilson adds "We're going to try something unique with covers this year. I'm not going to say more than that. Except to say that I'm very pleased with how much work our team has done--both with the game, with the cover, and with the marketing plan we're going to create upon Madden."

There's been no information on Madden 23 buy Mut 22 coins released, however, it appears that a release could be on the way. Last year's title was revealed in June, with an impressive trailer that showcased new features such as the skill stick and pass rush controls. The trailer was accompanied by a big reveal that Ravens player Lamar Jackson would be the person to be the cover athlete.