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Lost Ark Stronghold Workshop Menu

Deathblade assassins fit a more traditional Lost Ark Gold style than shadowhunters. They use a variety different swords to deliver quick attacks and combos that cause deadly destruction.

As you'd expect the class employs weapons like bows and guns to take away enemies.Lost Ark Stronghold Workshop Menu

Workshops can be used to create new items that can be used in the endgame. HP potions, battle equipment, tools, and cosmetic items to strengthen your hold are all made by hand from here. To unlock more recipes for your workshop, research upgrade your workshop with your lab. A majority of trade-skill materials are used on this page.

Lost Ark Stronghold Station Menu

When you have a ship then you'll have the ability to assign crew members to finish certain missions. These missions can earn you money to strengthen your stronghold, upgrade materials, and even rewards granted from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids (explained in the Additional Stronghold Features section).

To gain access to your stronghold, go buy Lost Ark Gold to your music sheet option (F2 by default). Use the "Song of Home and Hearth" to be able to travel into your fortress. It is possible to explore your estate to access its various structures and features, but there's a better way use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +1. This will open a menu that will let you gain access to all the key features of your stronghold through the various menus. For decorating your estate, press Ctrl + 2.
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