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A good design for a class is an imperfect alchemy

Sadly, among the game's most annoying Lost Ark Gold flaws is that subclasses can be restricted by the gender of the character. There can only be male Scrappers, but to play a Wardancer you'll have to play a female character. This is a ridiculous system and certainly a major annoyance, but it doesn't ruin an overall Lost Ark experience.

A good design for a class is an imperfect alchemy. Each class consists of a variety of systems and ideas, which are woven together to create something nonetheless enjoyable for players who put 100 or more hours into the game. Smilegate is able to find these systems everywhere beginning at the beginning of the game's fundamental abilities. A majority of classes are able to use eight abilities at a time from their selection of nearly 20. While some builds may be better than others, each ability works in ways that play off of and augment the other ones, either by boosting them directly or making cooldowns flow more easily. Lost Ark also offers dozens of ways to augment the capabilities, from Engravings as well as Tripods along with Runes.

There are a myriad of customizations and I still do not fully grasp all of the nuances in spite of having played for nearly 100 hours. But that's exactly what I'm looking for in an MMO. It's the level of detail which makes me feel like I control the specifics of my classes which allows me to alter and tweak to create the perfect set up for each fight -- even if it will take me a while to fully comprehend everything.

Even better All of these abilities are Lost ark gold buy able to interact with the abilities of teammates. There are shields, buffs, and debuffs, as well as positional spells that all serve to propel your team forward. For instance, a support class like Lost Ark's Bard may stand next to an Gunslinger in the event that they sense she's planning to cast a damaging ability. Also, the Bard could use shields on an ally that's poised to be struck.
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